Celebration of Life

We understand that this is a painful and difficult time in your life as you’ve recently lost someone you loved. At times like this, some people find creating and contributing to a Memorial Tribute helpful, as a way of remembering, honouring and celebrating that special person, by continuing to support projects they were passionate about, as well as having a space for memories, photos and personal tributes. The written memories, photos and personal tributes stay on the site forever, for you to visit as often as you want, and we pray that you will find comfort in them.

We understand that setting up a Memorial Tribute is an intensely personal decision and would encourage you to think and pray about whether it’s right for you. Of course the timing may not be right at the moment – if this is something that you would like to set up at a later date, please use the link below, whenever you feel ready.

Find a Tribute

Find a Tribute

If you already have a MuchLoved account and wish to see all the tributes that you have created plus any others that you have personally been invited to, please click here to login.

What you can do

Some people chose to give personally to the Memorial Tribute on special dates or anniversaries, some people ask friends and family to join in giving (often in lieu of flowers), while others do Challenge Events in memory of someone special. However you chose to raise money for Embrace in memory of your loved one, we thank you and join you in celebrating their life and what made them special.

Keeping in touch

We’d love to keep you updated with the difference the donations in memory of your loved one will make (please read our privacy policy for details), and hope that setting up a Memorial Tribute helps you find peace and consolation, as you celebrate their life in such a practical way.

What we do

Embrace the Middle East is a Christian charity with over 160 years' experience helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from a life of poverty and injustice. Together with local Christian communities we're bringing lasting change to the Middle East through healthcare, education and community development projects.